General Questions & Answers

What fees do you charge for ordering from Europe?

A quote will be sent depending on the items ordered.

How do I place an order?

Fill in the simple order form and tell us what you want to buy.

Can I order myself and have you ship my item for me?

No. We only offer a purchasing service (assisted purchasing) and not a mail forwarding service.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

21 to 42 days depending on your chosen shipping option.

How can I contact you?

Follow the steps on our order form

Privacy Policy

EuroShopper Pty Ltd respects the Guidelines suggested by the Australian Direct Marketing Association, in it’s Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in ecommerce. In line with those guidelines, EuroShopper would like you to be aware of the information we collect to provide your service. We do not provide third parties with access to your personal data, with the obvious exception of third party business partners such as our EuroShopper business partners. Information collected by EuroShopper includes: - name and address - telephone number - email addresses - Information about what services and products you have ordered from EuroShopper - Information about what services you have enquired. - Correspondence between you and EuroShopper - A customer relationship management system in which details of conversations might be written by employees and business partners. - Your accesses to our websites

What EuroShopper does with your information

We do not make your personal information available to third parties, with the obvious exception of third party business partners such as our EuroShopper business partners. We store website data and email queued on our servers, for use as back-up should it be required. We may customise our email newsletters and communications to reflect your interest in a particular service. We access historic correspondence and details about earlier conversions in response to customer service issues and, to conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on EuroShopper. We monitor and store your online requests for webpage’s and services for research and to keep a history of your transactions with the business (this might include recording the fact you set up and deleted an email account, or took a trial in one of our services, etc).

Email communications

As a customer of EuroShopper you will receive occasional email communications from EuroShopper that relate to the services we provide to you, and you will have the option to opt-out of all non-essential email and postal mail. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

    We won’t give your details to spammers. We need to know your details so that we can ship your order to you. We store your order history. We keep your private information private. We will only give out your private information if the law orders us to do so. We track how you use our website so we can provide you with a better service. We will email you. If you don’t want to be emailed anymore then just let us know.

Does EuroShopper and other EU members use a different voltage to Australia?

Yes. Australia uses 240V while the EU uses 220V. Many electrical items are dual voltage these days (i.e. 220/240V) so all you need to do is replace the power plug or use an adaptor. Others are 220V only and so you will need to buy a “step-down” transformer. If you want to buy an item that is 220V only please contact us as step-down transforms from the EU can be shipped with your order and can be significantly cheaper than buying here in Australia.

What should I do if I need to return my order?

Please contact us and we will tell you what you need to do. Please don’t ship the goods back to our EuroShopper partner or the original company without contacting us first as returning an item can be complex.

What happens if I need to get an item repaired under warranty?

This depends on what item you ordered. Some companies provide worldwide warranties on their products, while others will only repair an item in the country of origin. Please contact the manufacturer of your item first. Do not provide them with any information (e.g. serial number or store invoice numbers) that can be matched to the item to you unless they say that they will honour a EuroShopper/EU warranty here in Australia. Do not tell them the item was shipped out of EuroShopper. The reason is some companies will later use this information to prevent our EuroShopper partner from making a warranty claim. If the manufacturer will not repair or replace the item here in Australia then please contact us to find out how the item should be shipped back to EuroShopper.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy can be found here.

What are your terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions are listed in the final quote. It is important that you read and understand everything in the quote before paying the deposit. If you have any questions about the terms please contact us before paying.

Ordering Questions & Answers

What EuroShopper Online shops charge VAT tax?

All online stores show the amount of VAT on an item and the total price in Euro.

How can I work out what the EU shipping will be?

To do this you may need to add the item you want to buy to the shopping cart on the site and then proceed to checkout. Some shops will tell you the shipping cost by just entering the zip code (use the test address zip code of 53111). Unfortunately, some shops require that you enter all your billing and delivery details before providing you with the shipping cost. If this information is required then use the following test name and address. This is a fake address-DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING HERE: Fred Schmit Nordstrasse 21 Bonn, European, 53111 If you can’t work out the EU shipping cost then just submit the order without it and our EuroShopper partners will place your order using the cheapest EU shipping method possible.

What is your fee?

We do not charge a fee for our service.Our EuroShopper partners pay us to handle your order and provide customer service. Our EuroShopper partners charge you for their time in the handling component of the shipping and handling cost. This means provided the shipping weight estimate is accurate the final cost of your order will be what was estimated in your quote.

Can you suggest where to order an item from?

This is a very common question we get asked, however, it is difficult to answer as there are so many great shops in Euroshopper.Refer to brands page.

What should I do if I don’t know all details of my order?

Email us and we will try to assist you.

How can I track where my order is?

If you wish to check at what stage your order is at you can enter your order number in the “Track Order” box in the DHL website. We can assist you in this process if required.

Can you combine my orders so that I pay only one shipping cost?

Yes. Please specify in the order form that you wish to consolidate your orders. Our EuroShopper partners will then repack your items and ship them as a single package. Naturally this involves more work by our EuroShopper partners so there is an additional fee for doing this. Please keep in mind that consolidating orders may cause your order to take longer than shipping each stores items separately since our EuroShopper partners have to wait for all your items to arrive before they can ship. 

My order has arrived, but it is not what I wanted or is missing something?

Our EuroShopper partners sells and ships to you what they ordered from the store. They do a basic check of the items, but because of the huge range of things ordered by people they can’t always tell if an item sent to them is actually what you wanted, or if anything is missing or broken. If you are concerned that our EuroShopper partner will not be able to tell if the correct items have been shipped by the store then please request the detailed inspection service. If the wrong item has been shipped to you please contact us to arrange for the item to be sent back to the original store to be replaced or swapped. If our EuroShopper partners ordered the wrong item then they will cover the shipping cost. If the store made the mistake and you did not pay for the detailed inspection service then you will be responsible for the return shipping costs. If items are missing from the order because the store did not ship everything then you will need to pay the extra shipping cost unless you paid for the detailed inspection service.

Why was my order opened by your EuroShopper partner?

It is a legal requirement that our EuroShopper partners know what they are shipping. To do this they may need to open the packaging. You should be aware that since the items are bought by our EuroShopper partners as an individual from a store that they will no longer be considered new. Of course they won’t have been used, but this means that what you receive will be described as being in an “as new” condition (i.e. pre-owned, but not used). Our EuroShopper partners makes a basic inspection of the items to ensure they are what you ordered, but this inspection is not able to ensure that all items are complete, or free of defect or damage. Items are shipped to you in the condition supplied by the store you selected. If you wish to have your item inspected carefully then please requested a detailed inspection before shipping. This will ensure that your order is complete and correct.

Can I have my item inspected in detail before shipping to me?

Yes. Our EuroShopper partners can inspect your items in detail before shipping as an extra service (cost of the service is 10 euro). They will open and inspect your items for completeness and that they are free of defects and damage. They will send you photos of your item before shipping if they have doubts about any of the items. To request this service please just choose it from the order form or email us before your order is shipped. This service is highly recommended if you are concerned that the store may make mistakes. Since many people seem to be unaware of the detailed inspection service we have made it an “opt out” service for orders that we think are complex, expensive, and/or difficult for our EuroShopper partners to identify problems with just the basic inspection. You can choose to remove this service if you wish.

Some of my items have sold out since I placed my order. What happens now?

If more than 20% of the items you want are no longer available we will contact you. You will then have the choice of ordering what is still available, ordering something else from the same store, placing a new order at another store (this will require a new order), or canceling the order.If you choose to take a refund you will be charged a fee to cover the costs involved with your order to date. This fee is waived if you use your credit to place a new order. If 80% or more of the items are still in stock then our EuroShopper partner places the order unless you explicitly noted in the order that you want to be contacted if anything is out of stock. Sometimes companies don’t tell our EuroShopper partners that an item is out of stock and they only find out when the order arrives at their address and some items are missing. In these cases they will ship what has arrived and you will be refunded for the items that were missing.

Can I get a copy of the store invoice?

Yes. If you would like a copy of the store invoice, just include “please send me copy of store invoice” in the order form. Because of the extra work involved for my EuroShopper partner there is a 5 euro fee for this service if requested at the time of placing the order. The fee for obtaining a copy of the store invoice made after the order is shipped is 15 euro unless your item is broken and you need the store invoice to make a warranty claim here in Australia. If you need the store invoice to make a local warranty claim here then this fee will be waived, but you must determine first that a EuroShopper invoice in another person’s name will allow you to have an item repaired in Australia since in most cases it will not.

What will my order cost?

To get an estimated cost of delivery please refer to DHL postage calculator with the following linkwww.dhl.de/en.html The quote you receive is an estimate of the final cost that you will need to pay. You will need to make a deposit (approximately 80% of the item(s) price) for our EuroShopper partners to place your order. Once the item arrives at our EuroShopper partners address you will be asked to pay the remaining costs of the order.

Can I cancel an order once I have paid?

Yes.You may cancel an order at any stage, but you will be charged for any expenses incurred by our EuroShopper partners.With some orders it may not be possible to return the item to the store if you cancel after the store has shipped. In these cases we will let you know what your options are.

What items can’t I order?

Basically anything illegal or hazardous for shipping on an airplane. Our EuroShopper partners reserves the right to not buy goods, or to not buy goods from certain suppliers, if they have any concerns as to the legality, morality, or reliability of the goods or store. If you have any questions about ordering a particular item, or using certain suppliers, then please contact us . Guns, gun parts including gun scopes, alcohol, tobacco or nicotine products including electronic cigarettes, nail polish, perfume, fire alarms, and pressurized cans are all examples of items that can’t be ordered.

If I put in an order, or ask for a quote, am I committed to paying?

No. If you do not pay then the quote will expire after 24 hours. If you would like to know the cost simply complete the online form and you will receive an estimated cost.

How do I place an order or get a quote?

Go to the ordering form once you have filled in the form telling us what item(s) you want to buy and have checked all your details, you then submit your order. You will receive an automated email from us letting you know that we have received your order. It is important that you use a working email address that you have access to as we will send all order updates to you by email. We will then check your order to ensure it is complete and correct. If we have any questions about your order we will email you for clarification. We send you a final quote with instructions on how to pay the deposit by direct debit or credit card (which will involve further transaction costs of 5% of the cost of the order). Once EuroShopper has received your deposit payment our EuroShopper partners will then place your order using their credit card and delivery details. When your order arrives at our partner’s address they will ship it directly to you using your selected shipping method.

Why am I not given the original invoice from the store?

You are not buying the item from the original store, but from our EuroShopper partners. They buy the goods from the store in their own name so they need to keep the original tax invoice for their own tax records. This is exactly the same as if you bought an item from a store here in Australia – they will provide you with an invoice, but they will not provide you with a copy of their invoice from their wholesaler (i.e. who they bought the item from). Normally a copy of the store invoice will be of no use to you since it is in the name of our EuroShopper partner and not in your name. It will not allow you to make a warranty claim here in Australia. Your invoices are the invoices our EuroShopper partners supplies to you when your items are shipped, since you have brought the items from them. If you need to make a warranty claim on an item then please get in contact with us and we will advise you on what to do.

Shipping Questions & Answers

Costs for Australian Orders

The basic cost of an order is calculated by adding the Item Cost + EU shipping + Shipping & Handling to Australia + Delivery Insurance + Return Insurance (optional) + Detailed Inspection (optional) + Breakable Repacking (optional) + Damage Insurance (optional). The Euro total of these items is then converted to Australian dollar at the exchange rate listed in your quote (i.e. the spot exchange rate at the time of the quote minus 3 cents). Most customer pay by bank electronic transfer or cash deposit using the details provided in the quote. You may also pay for your order by credit card (Visa, MasterCard). There is an additional handling fee of 5% of the order total when paying by non-direct deposit methods. If detailed information relating to your order is not received on our order form an additional 5 euros will be charged to cover the additional work involved in providing a quote. Please refer to information required when ordering.

What shipping method should I use?

The answer to this question depends on what is most important to you – price or speed. If speed is the most important requirement then choose express+tracking. If cost is more important then select economy.

What are the DHL mail size limits?

Refer to DHL website http://www.dhl.de/en.html DHL Postage Calculator What happens if my order weighs more (or less) than estimated? Please remember that the “shipping and handling to Australia” provided in the quote is only an estimate. Unless someone has ordered exactly the same item before and it has been shipped to them then we do not know the exact size and weight. Because of this limitation you are only charged on the basis of what the order actually weighs (either actual or volumetric), not on what was estimated.This means it does not really matter what the shipping estimate is except to provide you with my best idea of what the final cost will be. You do not pay anything towards the shipping at the order stage and are later billed the actual shipping and handling costs based on the actual shipping weight.

Shipping & Handling

Our EuroShopper partners ships via DHL. Late consolidations (i.e. adding a new order to previous orders that have already been placed but not yet arrived at our EuroShopper partners address) have anadditional handling cost of 5 euro.To estimate the shipping cost refer to DHL website.

Detailed Inspection (optional)

Our EuroShopper partners can inspect your items for defects and damage for 10 euro. They will open your items and check them carefully for visible defects and damage. They will send you photos of any potential issues before shipping and seek your advice on what you want to do such as returning or obtaining a replacement. To request this extra service please check the appropriate check box on the order form, or email us before your item arrives at my EuroShopper partners address. Since many people do not know about this service we will add it to any order that we think needs to be inspected in detail. If the detailed inspection service has been added and you do not wish to pay for the inspection service then you can request it is removed by emailing us at any stage before your order arrives at our EuroShopper partner’s address.

Australian Exchange Rate

5% less than the current Euro spot rate at the time of your quote. This is similar to what your bank or Paypal will charge you on foreign credit card purchases. The reason the rate is not the same as the spot rate is the EuroShopper does not receive the spot rate when forwarding your payment to EuroShopper and must pay wire transfer fees. Since it can take your payment up to 3 to 4 days to clear, as well as the time between ordering and shipping, a fixed exchange rate exposes our EuroShopper partners to the very volatile Australian dollar.

Cancellations and Refunds

You may cancel your order at any stage, but you will be charged any expenses our EuroShopper Partners have incurred processing your order (a minimum of 5 euro). The cancellation fee also applies to orders that are cancelled because one or more items are out of stock or for orders that are cancelled before ordering. The fee for cancelled orders due to out of stock items is waived if you apply the credit to a new order.

Can I have my items shipped to a different address?

Yes. To select a different shipping address please check the “ship to different address” box on the order form. This will display the “shipping address” section allowing you to enter a different delivery address. If you are shipping to your work address it is important that you include your company’s name in the shipping address or else you will void your delivery insurance.

What shipping method should I use?

The answer to this question depends on what is most important to you – price or speed. If speed is the most important requirement then choose express+tracking. If cost is more important then select economy.

My item is really large. Do you you offer shipping by sea?

Not normally, because it is costly and takes up to 12 weeks for delivery.

What are the DHL mail size limits?

The size limits are listed on the DHL web link www.dhl.de

I don’t know how much my item weighs? What should I do?

If you don’t know the shipping weight just make a guess so that you can get a rough estimate of how much the order will cost to ship. Please refer to DHL website for dimensions and cost estimate www.dhl.de

What happens if my order weighs more (or less) than estimated?

Please remember that the “shipping and handling to Australia” provided in the quote is only an estimate. Unless someone has ordered exactly the same item before and it has been shipped to them then we do not know the exact size and weight. Because of this limitation you are only charged on the basis of what the order actually weighs (either actual or volumetric), not on what was estimated. This means it does not really matter what the shipping estimate is except to provide you with our best idea of what the final cost will be. You do not pay anything towards the shipping at the order stage and are later billed the actual shipping and handling costs based on the actual shipping weight.

Can your European partners store my items?

Our Euroshopper partners have very limited storage spaces so they cannot store your order indefinitely. If you fail to pay the final amount due then our Euroshopper partners will hold your item for 7 days before returning them to the store at your expense. If it is not possible to return the items to the original store then you will be charged the full price of the item so please make sure of the accuracy of your order. This limitation does not apply to consolidated orders where my Euroshopper partners are waiting for some item to arrive before shipping.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

This is difficult to estimate as it depends on a number of factors outside our control, such as how fast the store processes the order and the speed of the shipping. Our EuroShopper partners will normally place your order within 24 hours of us receiving your deposit payment and they will ship your goods the next business day after they arrive at their address. You can expect that most orders will take between 21 to 42 days. If you are in a hurry then please select the fastest DHL shipping option to Australia.

My order was shipped to me but it hasn’t arrive yet. What should I do?

Sometimes shipping takes longer than it should. If your order was shipped by our Euroshopper partners by DHL Express, Priority, more than 28 days ago then please contact us . If your order was shipped by Economy Air Mail then please allow up to 8 weeks. Unfortunately if your order has been shipped by Air Mail (economy) we are not able to find where it is as this class of mail does not have tracking. This is one of the major disadvantages to using economy shipping method. We do not take responsibility for any tracking information provided by DHL or Australia Post. If you have provided the wrong or incomplete address this may cause your item to be returned to Euroshopper, or in some case be destroyed by the post office. Not providing the business name for orders shipped to business addresses makes your address incomplete. Providing an incorrect or incomplete address voids your delivery insurance. DHL will sometimes drop off your package at your local post office. If your DHL order has arrived and been signed for by someone you don’t know then call DHL first but please check with your local post office to see if they have it. This tends to happen most frequently in regional areas where the delivery is handled by a DHL agent.

What happens if my items arrive damaged or not working?

Please contact us to arrange for return of the item. Please do not ship the item directly to our EuroShopper partner without contacting us first. This also applies if the wrong item has been shipped to you. If your order was shipped by DHL then it will be covered by DHL insurance if you choose their option. DHL may refuse to honour their insurance if you do not keep the boxes. We don’t have any control over DHL policies in regards to their insurance.

Can you change the declared value of my order?

No, as this is customs fraud.This also does not protect you from later charges by Australian Customs. They may send you a bill anytime in the next five years if your order was not accurately declare. While there are some companies out there that will do this for you, it is worth considering if you want to use the services of someone that is willing to commit fraud.

Insurance Questions & Answers

What is the Detailed Inspection Service?

This is an optional service where our Euroshopper partners inspect the item(s) in your order in great detail for damage and correctness before shipping the item to you. If they have any doubts about the item(s) they will take photos and email them to you before shipping to obtain your approval. Our Euroshopper partners do briefly inspect all items, but because of the range of items they receive they are not always able to pick up mistakes made by the store or notice all defects in an item. Our Euroshopper partners will ship to you what the store ships to them and they may not detect if the store has shipped the wrong item unless you purchase the detailed inspection service.

Does Delivery Insurance cover items that arrive not working or for damage during shipping?

Orders shipped via DHL (express+tracking) are covered by DHL insurance for damage during shipping, but DHL exclude anything that is easily damaged (e.g. glass is excluded). We recommend only purchasing from reputable online stores (refer to suggested brands page) that cover the delivery cost/damage of items sent to our EuroShopper partners.

Paying Questions & Answers

How do I pay for my order?

Direct bank deposit is best. After you submit the order form we check that it is complete and send you a final quote. In this quote are the bank account details for paying EuroShopper . Once your payment has cleared EuroShopper will forward your payment to one of our EuroShopper partners who will then acquire the items and ship them directly to you. EuroShopper processes payments twice per day (early morning and late evening) Australian time. You may also pay via credit card (Visa, or MasterCard ). Because of the very high fees charged by these payment types there an additional handling fee of 5% of the order total when paying by credit card. We strongly recommend paying by bank deposit. If you are ordering from outside Australia you can also pay by Credit Card (MasterCard, or Visa).

Do I get a tax invoice?

No. You will actually be emailed an invoice for your order from our EuroShopper partner. These are for the goods shipped and their handling fee.Euro Shopper does not sell or ship any goods or provide any service to you.All items are supplied and purchased from our EuroShopper partners. Euro Shopper only provides a service for our EuroShopper partner’s who pay us to provide customer service for their customers (i.e. you).

Will I be charged GST on my order?

You may also be charged GST, however, Australian customs do not charge GST on personal goods valued under $1000. Our experience is that items just over $1000 are often not charged GST. We advise that you not rely on not getting charged GST and factor in paying GST and duty on items valued over A$1000. The GST limit applies only to the cost of the item. For example, if an item cost Euro 600 with Euro 120 shipping then it would still be under the A$1000 limit even if the shipping made the total cost more than A$1000 at the current exchange rate.