Costs for Australian Orders

The basic cost of an order is calculated by adding the Item Cost + EU shipping + Shipping & Handling to Australia + Delivery Insurance + Return Insurance (optional) + Detailed Inspection (optional) + Breakable Repacking (optional) + Damage Insurance (optional).
The Euro total of these items is then converted to Australian dollar at the exchange rate listed in your quote (i.e. the spot exchange rate at the time of the quote minus 3 cents).
Most customer pay by bank electronic transfer or cash deposit using the details provided in the quote. You may also pay for your order by credit card (Visa, MasterCard). There is an additional handling fee of 5% of the order total when paying by non-direct deposit methods.
If detailed information relating to your order is not received on our order form an additional 5 euros will be charged to cover the additional work involved in providing a quote. Please refer to information required when ordering.