My order has arrived, but it is not what I wanted or is missing something?

Our EuroShopper partners sells and ships to you what they ordered from the store. They do a basic check of the items, but because of the huge range of things ordered by people they can’t always tell if an item sent to them is actually what you wanted, or if anything is missing or broken. If you are concerned that our EuroShopper partner will not be able to tell if the correct items have been shipped by the store then please request the detailed inspection service.
If the wrong item has been shipped to you please contact us to arrange for the item to be sent back to the original store to be replaced or swapped. If our EuroShopper partners ordered the wrong item then they will cover the shipping cost. If the store made the mistake and you did not pay for the detailed inspection service then you will be responsible for the return shipping costs. If items are missing from the order because the store did not ship everything then you will need to pay the extra shipping cost unless you paid for the detailed inspection service.